Top Tip How Much Firewood Do I Need?

Everyone's wood needs differ, someone who is home all day, uses the fire for cooking or heating, has no other heating options, or only buys light wood like Pine will use more wood than someone who only lights their fire at night or in the weekend and has a mix of light and hard wood. You may need anywhere from two cubes to 10 cubes or more. We recommend a mix of woods. Happy burning!

  • Our Firewood Prices

    All our firewood is well seasoned.
    We offer free, friendly delivery to Upper Hutt

  • Single Wood

    From $120 m3
    • Pine$120 m3
    • Macrocarpa$200 m3
    • Manuka/Kanuka$300 m3
    • Gum$230 m3
    • Delivery Charges

    • Upper HuttFree
    • Stokes Valley / Lower Hutt$20
    • South Lower Hutt$30
    • Outside Wellington Area e.g. Kapiti or Wairarapa$50
    • Minimum order of 2 cube for outside Upper Hutt Area
    • Minimum order of 5 cube for outside Wellington Area
  • Mixed Wood

    From $160 m3
    • Hot mix Pine/Gum$175 m3
    • Hot mix Pine/Macrocarpa$160 m3
    • Hot mix Gum/Macrocarpa$215 m3
    • SJ Firewood
  • Bagged Wood

    From $15 per bag
    • Pine$12 per bag
    • Gum$18 per bag
    • Macrocarpa$15 per bag
    • Manuka/Kanuka$20 per bag
    • Kindling$15 per bag
    • Pine Cones$10 per bag
    • Talk to us about wholesale prices for more than one bag.
  • We accept WINZ quotes
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