Firewood FAQs

Our firewood is seasoned and stored outside.

We sell by cubic metre, for those using old measurements a cord is 3.6 cubes.

Is It Dry?
  • Our wood is seasoned dry, meaning the sap has dried out of it allowing it to burn. It can take up to two years for some woods to season dry. As it is stored outside you may end up with some rain wet pieces, put these aside to dry for a week or so.
When Should I Buy My Firewood?
  • It is always best to plan ahead, we recommend you buy your wood and have it stacked away before Easter
How Should I Store My Firewood?
  • Do NOT store your firewood in an enclosed place such as a garage.
  • All firewood should be stored off the ground, in a well ventilated but covered area, ideally where the sun can get into it.
  • It needs protection from the rain but open to the sun and air.
  • Pine especially sucks up moisture and will mould regardless of how seasoned it is, white mould does not affect the burning ability. Note if you are sensitive to mould or suffer asthma we recommend storing this wood outside of your home until you need to burn it.
How much Firewood Do I Need?
  • Everyone's firewood needs differ, someone who is home all day, uses the fire for cooking and heating and has no other heating options, or only buys light wood will use more firewood than someone who only lights their fire at night or on the weekend.
  • You may need anywhere from 2 cubes to 10 cubes or more.
  • We recommend for a family of four who only lights their fire at night and weekends 1 cube pine, 4 cube mac / gum or manuka - a total of five cubes.

Types of Wood

Our Most Popular Woods

  • Our pine is plantation pine, a soft/medium wood, good for starting and burning, but burns quickly
  • A hotter burning wood with a higher density giving off a hotter heat and burns cleanly.
  • It is known to spit so is not recommended for open fires.
  • A common high density hardwood that has very tight fibers, hot and long burning clean wood, takes up to two years to season. Recommended to add to fire once it is burning well.
Manuka / Kanuka
  • Very dense, hard and hot long burning wood.

Other Types of Wood

Poplar / Willow
  • Very soft porous wood recommended for kindling to allow easy quick start of fire.
Old Man Pine
  • Known as dirty wood and environmentally unfriendly, we do not sell it.
  • Old man pine is a more medium density because it is older than 45 years, but it often has resins that will soot up your chimney/flue quickly.

Although denser harder woods have a higher price they provide signinficantly more heat and burn longer than the softer firewoods so cost less in the long run.

How Else Can We Help?

Custom Firewood Lengths
  • Do you have an extra large or extra small fire?
  • With our automated wood processor imported from the USA we can cater for very short or very long logs to suit your needs. Simply specify a set length when you order from 250mm upwards and we will cut the wood to this length at NO EXTRA CHARGE.
A Variety of Order Sizes
  • Boot load
  • Trailer load
  • Truck load delivered
  • Multi truck loads delivered
  • If you want a boot load or have your own trailer, feel free to call down to collect from the Upper Hutt yard

How Do We Deliver

Handy Truck Size
  • Our handy sized trucks hold 2 cubic metres of firewood.
  • They are perfect for hard to access areas, and their tipping trays means our deliveries are fast and friendly.
  • They have a split cage for smaller 1 cubic metre orders or mixed loads.
Big Orders
  • Our Big Truck is capable of holding 7 cube.
  • As it has a split cages we have the option of 3 cube, 2 cube and 2 cube.
  • This truck is great for our big orders!

Payment Options

  • Take advantage of our laybuy now deliver later service
  • We are happy to receive a regular payment or automatic payment for your future firewood deliveries. Spread out the payments to make your winter warmth affordable.
  • There is a one off non-refundable Administration Fee of $20 for all Laybuy setups.
WINZ Quotes
  • We accept WINZ Quotes.
  • Come in and see us or email us for a quote.